Climb to Conquer Cancer 2018

Amy’s Army Raises Money for Cancer Research

During a group ride a couple months ago, I connected with a local Richmond cyclist who was promoting the Climb to Conquer Cancer 2018 Ride. I asked her for some more information on the story behind the event. Amy Williams, the namesake of the organization, sent this to me:

I led a sedentary life until in my 40s. I was trying to walk a bit, then jog a bit, and I got a postcard about fundraising for cancer research while doing, of all things, a triathlon. My Dad was fighting blood cancer then, so I did it, for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (I still recall that while I was running in my Leukemia and Lymphoma Society kit, a spectator shouted this encouraging cheer: “GO, LEUKEMIA!”) After that, I continued my fitness journey as described in my profile here, fundraising all the while.

(click on Amy Williams to see my profile.)

Later, I got cancer myself. See blog here.

This led me to form Amy’s Army of Cancer Warriors and focus on raising funds for cancer research happening right here in RVA at Massey Cancer Center. Amy’s Army has two signature fundraising events per year: Pedal through Petals, for casual cyclists in the spring, and Climb to Conquer Cancer, with the second annual coming on Sunday, September 23rd.

The event organizer also sent me this information:

The awards ceremony is inspiring. We encourage spectators to come watch the cyclists and offer a $30 VIP spectator ticket (it’s only $15 for cancer survivors—use the code “LIFT”)

We added a walk this year to support cancer survivors and patients. It is free. Cancer survivors can also register for a FREE ($10 value) piece of jewelry made by Amy herself. She began making jewelry this year when her symptoms from her skull-based tumor prevented her from cycling.

Win this polka-dot jersey in the this year’s event

Why This Matters

If you are a cyclist in the Richmond area, reading about how you can get involved in a cycling charity event sounds like fun. You get to enjoy a nice ride and know that your registration money goes toward a good cause.

But for those in my audience not local to Richmond, I would like to make a small point of encouragement. I consider a successful cyclist to be anyone who accepts difficult challenges and finds the mentality necessary to push their body to a new physical level. Each of us have our unique step up to make, our own challenges, our own mountains to climb. For some, that’s a move to push through and win a stage in the Vuelta a España. For the rest of us, it is most likely some small gain. Indeed, nothing about the above definition is at all unique to cycling itself. Events like this are important for us, as a community, to support others in their difficulties. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the struggles of others which is, in this case, Amy’s Army and the battle against cancer.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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