Climb Mountains. Go out and climb some mountains. You have them everywhere. Figuratively speaking, they are the difficulties in life that will blossom into victories as you crest the summit. (Literally speaking, you may or may not live on top of a mountain range. I don’t know. The internet is everywhere these days.)


Riding my bike has given me literal, physical, difficult mountains to climb.  The climb is familiar.  The road pitches upward and it writhes into switchbacks.  Fatigue sets in and wears me down.  I start to imagine that, around every curve of the road, I will see the peak… only to be disappointed. I attempt to downshift only to realize that I have been in the lowest gear this entire time and it isn’t getting any easier. But then, I see the summit.

Since you are reading this, however, I am guessing that you are not current riding your bike up a physical mountain. (If so, good job multi-tasking! Keep your eyes on the road.) However, you most certainly have non-physical mountains in your life that are beckoning you to climb.

The Climb Mountains Blog shares inspiring stories of cycling endeavors capturing the spirit that draws humans to seek out and climb mountains.

I’m excited with where this is going. I hope you enjoy.



Christian Schick is a Copywriter and SEO Specialist at Key Web Concepts and lives in the Richmond, VA area.  He enjoys various hobbies such as cycling, cycling, and cycling.  He writes this blog in conjunction with developing his career in marketing.  It gives him a free-form structure to vividly describe his adventures.  He relishes the opportunity to catch up to wild ideas that he must herd into the orderly flock of a singularly topic-centric article.  Check out his Blog or Portfolio.