The Milkman

The Pitch:  What time will you wake up and possibly eat breakfast tomorrow?  You already know, don’t you?  Why not make a delivery service that operates on a scheduled basis so you have the breakfast you need when you need it?

The Set-Up

The lazy sun yawns over a city neighborhood.  Rolling to a stop in front of a house, the milkman leans against the wheel to squint at his destination.  Peering at the row of cookie-cutter happy homes, he hesitates and then hops around the truck.  He opens the back door, checks the clipboard hanging from a nail, and grabs a crate of bottles.  The bottles click with each step up to the front door.  He knocks firmly then straightens his hat and bow tie.  A sleepy man in a bathrobe opens the door.  He takes the crate and leans down to pick up the morning paper as the milkman tips his hat and pivots on his heels.  The robed man sets the crate on the dining table and pulls out a bottle of cream to add to his morning coffee.

This scene was once a standard ritual in modern American life.  The milkman ensured that every household’s dairy needs were met.  Extended shelf life for milk made his job obsolete.  Now, almost all Americans pick up their milk with their groceries and store it safely in the refrigerator.

But the role of food delivery has never diminished.  In fact, its logistics are smoother now than ever.  Current technology comes with the luxury of tapping a shiny handheld device whenever the whim of hunger assails the belly.  Additionally, meal kit services provide a middle ground between prepared food and making something from scratch.  Meanwhile, breakfast is hailed as the most important meal of the day but is the most frequent to fall by the wayside.  We order delivery food for lunch and dinner but when was the last time you ordered yourself some breakfast?

With The Milkman:  Breakfast Delivery Service, the kindly face, whom Americans once greeted alongside the first rays of sunshine every morning, returns to give them more than just milk.  Do you ever skip breakfast because you overslept and are running late for work?  Do you wake up in a frenzy, fumbling open a sugary toaster pastry so that your stomach will leave you alone while you run out the door?  Or maybe you just want a lazy morning with some breakfast in bed?

The Milkman works on a scheduled basis.  You place your order the night before as you set your alarm clock for the morning.  Your milkman will arrive at your specified time with a hot premium breakfast.  Steaming coffee, scrambled eggs, and fried bacon every morning without cutting short your morning workout or meditation to get out the pots and pans.

Mailer Advertisements


“Now with More Sass” Video Spot #1

“Morning” by Peer Gynt

Camera lowers from morning sky to trees to sidewalk from a front door vantage point.

Milkman is walking towards camera carrying a 12″ W x 3″ H x 6″ D artistically colored cardboard box.  He stops to adjust bowtie and hat.

He checks the ticket on the box.

Camera switches to his viewpoint.  The ticket reads in the customer comments section:  “Wake up call needs more sass. Thanks :)”

Camera switches to front door angle.  He dials a number on his phone and clears his throat.  There is a crucial comedically timed pause before he shouts into the phone in a sassy, “angry mom” voice:

“Hey!  Wake your lazy self up and get down here right now for your durn eggs and bacon!  Nuh-uh, James Michael Patrick Uriah Something Something Hogsberry!  You are NOT just ’bout to hang up on me!  None of this 5 more minutes!  Your breakfast is hot right now and I. am. NOT. standing out here all day while it gets cold and you miss your morning meeting!”

The Milkman:  Breakfast Delivery logo flashes across the screen.

Voice-over narration:  “We all need a little help getting out of bed in the morning.  The Milkman:  Breakfast Delivery is here for that.  Schedule your breakfast and wake up call on our mobile app… extra sass is optional.”

“Bad Start” Video Spot #2

Camera frames a bowl, a glass of orange juice and the hands of the person sitting behind these two items.  They pour dry cereal into the bowl.  Then they try to pour the milk but only a small amount comes out.  Furious, they shake out the final drops and toss the milk jug to the side.  Then hands hesitate and then grab the orange juice and pour it into the bowl.  The subject digs their spoon into the bowl of cereal and munches loudly with agitation.

Voiceover narration:  “When your morning starts poorly, nothing goes right.  Schedule your Milkman Breakfast Delivery and take back your morning groove.”

“The Perfect Morning You Never Have” Radio Spot #1

(Sound effects in asterisks. Voiceover narration in quotation marks)

*Alarm clock beeping* “Wake up at 5:30am”

*Yawn* “Hit the floor, put on your shoes and run for 30 minutes” *Pattering feet*

“Shower at 6am” *Water Running*

“Get out the pots and pans and make a killer breakfast with bacon, scrambled eggs, maybe some pancakes…”  *Sizzling pans*

“…and some coffee… or maybe a small cup of yogurt…”

*record scratch* (Narrator seems to speak to someone off-set) “Wait! What?  Nobody has time for all this?  *pause* Then how do they start their morning right with a good breakfast?  *pause* Ahhh!  They just schedule the Milkman to show up at their door with a hot and fancy breakfast right when they need it.  Good for them.  The Milkman Breakfast Delivery:  Speed when it matters most!”

Facebook Ads

Specifically targeting individuals who scroll through Facebook before getting out of bed, these ads will feature images of reclining individuals enjoying breakfast in bed from The Milkman.  Headlines will read:

“How to Get Breakfast in Bed Everyday”

“This Recipe for Pancakes Only has One Step… Call ‘The Milkman’!”

“How Often is Too Often for Breakfast in Bed?”

“True Love is When He/She Orders ‘The Milkman’ for Your Lazy Morning”

“Keep Scrolling while You enjoy Breakfast in Bed”

“Be Lazy the Right Way. Get Breakfast in Bed from ‘The Milkman'”

Plus there would be a meme-style image like this one:


Print Advertisement

Since it is generally understood that people who read anything in print whatsoever are much smarter, more successful, of an older generation or any combination of those three qualities, the readers of the print advertisement are more likely already early-risers.  As such, the print advertisement will not assume that the reader wants The Milkman to help them get up on time or to give them the luxury of breakfast in bed.  Instead, it will focus on the time-saving convenience of a pre-made breakfast.

Full page picture of a crowd of assorted people in clothes associated with a variety of white and blue collar occupations.  The color of the background of the photo suggests that it is an early morning.  Nobody is enthused.  Headline reads:  “Who’s getting up at 2am to make breakfast?”  One figure in the crowd wearing a Milkman uniform is raising his hand vigorously and beaming from ear to ear.   Body copy reads:  “He fires up the flapjacks at the crack of dawn so you don’t have to.  Schedule your breakfast delivery as early as 3am every day of the week.  Nothing beats a quick start to your busy day.  Speed when it matters most.”