Reverent Voice Sample

For this project, I wrote a voice sample for Reverent Lacrosse, a casual apparel brand that honors the Native American heritage of the sport.  I loved the opportunity to dig deep into the sport’s ancient roots and allow the tone to grow out of such a rich culture.

Matt Volke, a fellow freelance copywriter, passed along a small portion of the project after seeing my portfolio on LinkedIn.  You can find his portfolio here.

Here is the screenshot:

Screenshot 2018-07-13 02.41.36

The spirit of the champion runs through our blood.  Its fire was passed down in the heritage of warriors.  Banded together in the name of sport, they cradled their heritage from one generation to the next.  It was more than mere pastime.  It carried the traditions of their community and way of life.  Each athlete revered the power of the wooden stick in their hand as they bounded up the field.  A heartbeat of pride throbs in the drumbeat of a stampede.  United, the dedication of a team goes beyond its own people to find its place beneath the wandering stars.  They called it the Creator’s Game.  We call it Lacrosse.

Honor the game.  Embody the tradition.