Climb Mountains

Breaking Down the Strategy

The Climb Mountains brand has layers to its marketing strategy.

Explicitly, it tells cycling stories that capture the human will to conquers big challenges.   For those in its audience who ride bikes, reading cycling stories is fuel for their ambitions.  For those who don’t ride bikes, the stories are rooted in the human spirit and inspire them in other aspects of life’s struggles.  By tying every story into a life lesson takeaway, neither audience is slighted.

Secondarily, the platform tells a little about its author.  I love being absorbed in the endurance cycling mindset.  Throughout college, while on the triathlon and cycling team, I worked a minimum of 30 hrs/week in restaurant management with night shift and early morning shifts starting at 4am or even as early as 2am to accommodate my class schedule and racing schedule.   Before Liberty University had a cycling team, I trained on the triathlon team and pulled all-nighters every week bookended by early morning swimming and running workouts.  I completed my first triathlon with only the sleep I could get on the two-hour bus ride.  All the while, I embraced an endurance mindset, knowing that the sport favored the iron-willed.

The blog is therefore a content marketing campaign aimed at peeling back the curtain of my ambitions.  It presents in-depth look at my personality beyond what a professional resume can adequately cover.

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