You Don’t Have the Stuff

I don’t care about most of the reasons why you should start commuting to work on a bicycle.  You have probably heard them all before anyways.  Such as how it might help the environment.  You might have heard about the fitness implications or maybe even how it releases endorphins in your brain.  That sounds good and all.

Don’t Cry over Your Spilt Milk(shake)

The OODA Loop, when simplified, is composed of four phases: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. John Boyd created this idea as a tactic for military operations. It has been developed for use in business and life situations.

Have a Bad Day

Have a Bad Day!

Try as you may, some days are going to be bad.  Most days are going to be good and you will be productive and focused.  You will have the wind in your sails and a smile that says the sky’s the limit.  Nothing is stopping you.  But some days, nothing will go right.  Nothing will hit its mark despite your best efforts.