Ben King Vuelta 2018 cycling motivation

Interview with Ben King

Ben King is a professional cyclist riding for Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka from Charlottesville, Virginia.  His family name is well-known … More

Climb to Conquer Cancer 2018

Amy’s Army Raises Money for Cancer Research
During a group ride a couple months ago, I connected with a local Richmond cyclist who was promoting the Climb to Conquer Cancer 2018 Ride. I asked her for some more information on the story behind the event. Amy Williams, the namesake of the organization, sent this to me:

What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

If there is one thing I have learned recently, it is that having a vague motivation to do great things in life rarely gets anyone anywhere.  We all daydream of heroic exploits and globe-spanning journeys.  Meanwhile, some people actually do them.

Nearly Cutting my Finger Off

Nearly Cutting My Finger Off

…I then stood over the sink and held my finger too tightly to assess the damage any further.  The top third of my finger felt severed and foreign to the rest of my body.  It was like a bit of cartilage jiggling on top of the remaining two-thirds of the finger with unnatural flexibility…

Schick Family on a Bike Vacation

Meditation is the Best Vacation

Does this sound like work or vacation?  Picture this.  You wake up at dawn with a sore back.  You start the stove, make and eat breakfast, wash dishes, take down the tents, and pack up.  Then you hop on your bike and pedal for 8-10 hours and stop occasionally for lunch and snack breaks.  You continue to grind away for 80 or 100 miles until you get to your next campsite.

Adventure Sonnet

Sonnet of the Lost CLXXV

The misanthropic sailor roves apart
Faced here with icy seas that clutch his hull.
He shivers less.  His furs obscure the chart
He drew to match the stars.  His sails were full,

You Don’t Have the Stuff

I don’t care about most of the reasons why you should start commuting to work on a bicycle.  You have probably heard them all before anyways.  Such as how it might help the environment.  You might have heard about the fitness implications or maybe even how it releases endorphins in your brain.  That sounds good and all.

Vegan Cyclist Youtube Channel Logo

Why I Like It… The Vegan Cyclist YouTube Channel

The cycling community is bound by strong ties.  When I awoke this morning, there was a cyclist sleeping on my couch.  He had texted me yesterday afternoon to say that he was biking from Key West to Toronto and needed a place to stay.  He would be arriving at my doorstep in about two hours.

Don’t Cry over Your Spilt Milk(shake)

The OODA Loop, when simplified, is composed of four phases: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. John Boyd created this idea as a tactic for military operations. It has been developed for use in business and life situations.

Have a Bad Day

Have a Bad Day!

Try as you may, some days are going to be bad.  Most days are going to be good and you will be productive and focused.  You will have the wind in your sails and a smile that says the sky’s the limit.  Nothing is stopping you.  But some days, nothing will go right.  Nothing will hit its mark despite your best efforts.

Soul Rooms

My partitioned selves drift in the rooms of Apt. 218.
I rewind a mixtape in my current room,
While down the hall, my childhood souls
Peek out occasionally to wave hello,
And up the hall are darkened bulbs and fear.

Bedtime Story

Months have creaked out of planks
into weathered knots worn slack ’round the mast
out of water skins poured empty
into fish nets dried stuffed.
The wind that claws my matted white hair
does naught to untangle the many suns
satisfied to rustle at my haggard tunic.